Building Book Production Platforms p5. Workflow

Much more to come. Most of the book production platforms in circulation have very little workflow tools to speak of. This is not necessarily a bad thing. A platform that »

The Four Phases of Knowledge Production

Knowledge production consists of four basic phases - manage, create, process, and share. When designing knowledge production systems, it pays to keep these four phases in mind and to build »

Why Persistent Identifiers are the Wrong Idea

I think I will rewrite this. It seems to me its only half the solution...more coming shortly This afternoon I was reading Elizabeth Eisentstein's "The Printing Revolution in Early »

Its not US and THEM, its a TEAM stupid

hi y'all I have just been reading some posts on Scholarly Kitchen about content creation and the next wave of authoring systems. »

Single Voice

version 1.0 'not as raw' During a Book Sprint, or when talking about Book Sprints, the question very quickly arises - 'what about the author's single voice?' The »

Think Editing Environments, not Edit Boxes

It takes a lot of expertise and time to build a good HTML editor. We have many of them out there to pick and choose from. CKEditor, TinyMCE, WMF VisualEditor »

Fantasies of the Library

Fantasies of the Library is a book released last week by Berlin publisher k-verlag. There is an interview in it with me about the future of book publishing beyond the »

Books are Evil, Really Evil pt1.

this is the 1.0. part twocoming soon! many thanks to Raewyn Whyte for improving this post Right now books are something of an ironic artefact for me. I am »

Building Book Production Platforms p4.

The Renderer Note: this is an early version. It has been cleaned up some, but is still needing links and screenshots.... Apologies if the rawness offends you :) This series is »

Building Book Production Platforms p3.

The Editor This series is based on HTML as a source file format for Book Production Platforms. I have looked at many HTML editors over the years and can remember »